Thursday, March 19, 2015

Dawson's Book Shop, Los Angeles, 1940s

On the Los Angeles Public Library images site I found photos of Dawson's Book Shop, which was at 627 South Grand Avenue in downtown Los Angeles.

A portrait of staff and members of the Dawson family, including Glen, Muir and Ernest, in front of Dawson's Book Shop on the occasion of the store's 35th anniversary. 1940.

Book collector A. Edward Newton, center, speaks with Ernest Dawson in Dawson's Book Shop. 1940.

View of a parking lot located at Wilshire Blvd. and Grand Avenue. A few businesses, including Dawson's Book Shop and Mannings Coffee Cafe, are visible on Grand Avenue. A billboard asking for the re-election of Republican governor Earl Warren is seen above Dawson's. 1946.

Looking east towards the intersection of Wilshire Boulevard and Grand Avenue (center); seen are various businesses, including Dawson's Book Shop (left), office buildings, and billboards. 1948.
The all night bookstore table at Dawson's Book Shop, 1950.

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