Sunday, June 14, 2015

1940s book ends and bookshelves

My great-grandfather was a handy guy. In the 1940s he built a bunch of furniture, lamps, door knockers, and various home do-dads that can still be seen at our family cabin. He owned a couple Popular Science craft books which got passed down to me: Cyclopedia of Things to Make (1937) and Complete Home Workshop Cyclopedia (1945). I was paging through these books and found several book related projects (click images to see larger):

Storing your books under a homemade fish tank doesn't seem too wise. View larger.

My great-grandpa used this tree stump guide to make a pair of lamps. View larger.
Novel garden-gate book end decorated with jig-saw cat and dog engaged in argument. View larger.

Log cabin book ends for rustic settings. View larger.

This guy doesn't seem too pleased with his end table. View larger.

This newspaper rack isn't necessarily for books, but I'll allow it. View larger.